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Knitting on the Passap E8000 knitting machine is done from so called sectors. A sector contains amongst other things a Technique (the instructions how to knit) plus a pattern for the front bed and a pattern for the back bed. The patterns can be optional.

Patterns can be transferred to the E800 uing Creation8 or DesignaKnit or E8000 Utility.. You cannot transfer your own techniques to the E8000 because Madag hasn't implemented an interface to transfer a techniqure. Theoretically this would have been possible if one could specify PC as the source of a technique.

The 10 sectors are stored on the flash memory module 30.730.01 which is located at the bottom of the E8000 console. The flash memory module is a user replacable part.Here is where E8000 Programmer (E8kProg) comes in.
E8000 Programmer

The E8kProg box allows you to read and write the contents of the falsh memory module 30.370.01. The data in the flash memory module is stored on your (Windows) PC in a virtual memory module which is a replica of the physical flash memory module. This way you have backup and restore facilities for your flash memory module.

The software that E8kProg comes with enables you to add your own techniques toi a virtual memory module, You can copy techniques and patterns from one virtual memory module to another. All inbuilt techniques and patterns are available for your modification. The E8kProg software displays the contents of a virutal memory module on your PC. Thre display includes the sectors, techniques and patterns.

E8000 Programmer models
E8kProgE8000 Programmer
30.370.01blank flash memory module
E8kProg + 30.370.01E8000 Programmer + blank flash memory module

E8kProg E8kProg on-line help E8kProg Documentation Slide shows

Knitting MachineNeedlesNeedle selection
E8812VH383E8000 front + back bed
E8812V383E8000 front bed
E8809VH289E8000 front + back bed
E8809V289E8000 front bed

Inbuilt Patterns & Techniques

32 bit Operating Systems
Windows 2003Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 2008Windows 7Windows 8 & 8.1Windows 10
64 bit Operating Systems
Windows 2003Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8 & 8.1Windows 10Windows 11
Windows 2008Windows 2008 R2Windows 2012 & 2012 R2Windows 2016Windows 2019

ModelPC ConnectivityCablePower
E8kProgSeries A USB connectorUSBno external power

E8kProgLED GreenPower is applied to E8kProg (via USB)
 LED Red/Greenflashes red and green at startup.
  green during upload
  red during download

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